Getting the Balance


By observing and mimicking

Welcome to EMV Energy, 

a natural approach to well-being

For more than 25 years, we have chosen to rely on the knowledge and wisdom of Mother Nature and, to date, her methods have brought the better lasting health results. Even nowadays, in the recent rapid outbursts of all kinds of sometimes 'strange' symptoms, natural remedies turn out to give the better and long-lasting results for our well-being.

Why wearing an EMV Ornament benefits ?

Medicines, nutricients, supplements, exercise or any other therapy work better and faster when wearing an EMV ornament. The EMV frees us from the stress (tension) in our body, especially in our head. Tension is what most of us suffer from in our modern, often stressful world. The EMV constantly corrects our electromagnetic field and thus activates and stimulates the self-healing capacity of our body’s. As soon as you start wearing the EMV, your body and mind start to relax. 

This ensures that your precious energy can now be used for the healing process. We invite you to experience this for yourself or your loved ones.  

Choose an EMV Special from the slide show that you love the most. 

The EMV Ornament


the Self-Care support process is a private initiative of man and woman; when you work with us, you do this on the basis of i: a man or a woman and you do this in your own title, and agree to the following laws: 

the Self-Care Support is based on years of experience with natural remedies and alternative medicine; nevertheless, our team of man and woman DO NOT provide medical advice, nor do we claim to treat any disease; this legal right and associated obligations are reserved for the regular healthcare system and sworn professionals;


we operate within the field of natural remedies and make 'visible' what is going on in the body by means of professional technology; our motivation to share information based on true-to-nature has shown over a period of decades to be effective and efficient, but above ALL supports and activates the body's self-healing capacity, which the body needs in moments of adversity; the knowledge we gained over the years we consider our property;

it is everyone's responsibility to do something with this information; we share out of love our knowledge & experiences from man to man based on our personal expertise and research in combination with the experiences we have received from other man and woman; all tests and results applied by us are interpreted by you as the sole interested man or woman and adopted at your own discretion; you, i: the man or woman, agree that you are the only one who is fully responsible and decides what and how the information, which we share both in writing and orally, is applied, including suggestions on supplements and other supportive self-care solutions in any form;

we reserve the right to change these laws from time to time as we see fit and your continued use of any support available will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these laws; we therefore advise you to re-read these laws on a regular basis;

only for man and woman who take full responsibility for their own well-being and health do we make an effort to contribute to the recovery and prevention of possible health complaints to the best of our knowledge and experience; good health is a man’s birthright on the earth; health, in combination with prosperity and the right means to improve the quality of life together, provides a guarantee for the next generations, so that they too can enjoy life, grow and evolve; our motto; take self-care of i, take care of the i of others by sharing your knowledge and experience and together we take care of our future world; sharing is caring; if you do not accept these laws, we hereby request you to stop engaging with us;