EMV  Exclusive Examples

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Energy Exchange EMV’s ornaments excl. Shipping 

                                    EMV Special            EMV Exclusive         EMV Exclusive 3 colours

EMV Medium                 €   89,95                     €   149,95                 €  159,95

EMV Large                    €   99,95                     €   169,95                 €  179,95

EMV Xtra Large             €   119,95                  €   199,95                 €  217,95

What size for you? 

Medium size: young children. For sensitive young children we suggest Large

Large size: Women and teenagers. For sensitive women we suggest Xtra Large

Xtra Large size: Men and anyone who is subject to a lot of radiation and the sensitive ones amongst us.

Please note! 

The EMV examples shown on the website may differ slightly in reality in terms of the colour of the image, the leather cord, and the links and clips. In all cases the illustration is always sharp and clear. Colours and sharpness cannot always be reproduced accurately in a photo on the website, nor can the liveliness of the colours of the body. The mentioned deviations are the result of hand work and customisation and make your EMV unique and therefore there is no second one.

The EMV Exclusive

For those who want something unique and exclusive. The EMV Exclusive asks for some effort on your part. For this EMV, you have to choose the illustration on the front, the size, the colour(s) and the backside silhouette, to make your own personal EMV very Unique and Exclusive. 

It also requires some patience, as the delivery time is about 2 to 3 weeks, not to mention the time for the shipping.

Do your Magick !