Can the EMV Ornament be worn by anyone?

Yes, all models can be worn by almost anyone, young and old, with the exception of Pacemaker or insulin pump wearers and pregnant women (unless they wore an EMV before pregnancy). 

What sizes are available for the EMV Ornaments?

There are 3 EMV sizes to select from. Medium for young children. Large for teenagers and women and Extra Large for men and also for women in case women they are very EM sensitive or people who are constantly exposed to strong man-made radiations. 

What is the difference between EMV Special and EMV Exclusive?

The choice between EMV Special and EMV Exclusive is a matter of what you value. EMV Special is designed by our Self-Care Support Team and you can select one from the slide show on the website. You can inform us via a special form available on the website which EMV you like the most. 

The EMV Exclusive means that you can design one yourself. On the website we have a slide show of a number of Exclusive examples to give you an impression of the combinations. There is a special design form to create your own EMV Exclusive on the website. Once you have filled in the design form you can send us your creation. It speaks for itself that this EMV takes more time to deliver at your address. In case you want to give an EMV as a present, then take enough time, 2 to 3 weeks is minimum beside the shipping. 


We ship internationally and at your request we can make a beautiful gift on your behalf. It speaks for itself that the EMV Exclusive involves a higher energy exchange than the EMV Special. 

See on the website the energy exchange scheme for the different EMV’s. 

Energy Exchange:

The moment you send us your EMV-request-form via the website it means that you have agreed with the Notice on the website as a man or a woman and at your own title. In an email within 48 hours we will confirm your request and inform you how to transfer the energy exchange as a friend including the shipping costs. We only ship EMV’s or begin to make the EMV exclusive after we have received the energy exchange. Since there is a limited edition of each EMV Special and you want to be sure it is yours, we suggest the transfer the energy exchange as soon as is possible. 

Is the EMV ornament a personal attribute?

Yes, once you start to wear it, you better don’t share it with other people. The ornament will cary your signature frequency. Attention: This is of course also an added value for the EMV Exclusive since the energies you have brought together can have a specific meaning for you and can enhance the working of the EMV. 

Do I need to clean the EMV ornament?

To prevent impregnation of unfortunate energy fields, people can use a a clearing tray which is specially designed for this. If you are interested in this option you can let us know when you order your EMV. We will come back to you for the confirmation by email anyway and in this email we can inform you of this option and you can decide if this is something for you. 

Can I use the EMV Ornament directly during the day?

The adjustment of your body to the EMV, to support the health of your Electro-Magnetic field is different from individual to individual. The power of the EMV ornament should not be underestimated. There is no need to hurry. So we suggest the safe and gentle approach and take the time your body needs to adjust. So… wear the therapeutic ornament for one hour the first day, two hours the second day, and so on. Build up slowly until your body is fully accustomed to it, (for about two weeks). In case you have uncomfortable symptoms, you should reduce the time you wear the EMV Ornament and build up more slowly. 

Can I use the EMV Ornament at night?

In theory, you can't wear the EMV at night because it will be able to rotate less. Our own experience is that this is sometimes necessary due to increase of EMF man-made radiation, especially during the  night, the peaks can be very extreme*.  The EMV can assist your body to maintain balance. So we suggest to be sensible and learn what is needed and what is possible. (*A dutch couple in the Netherlands hired a company who did for 3 weeks EMF measurements and found out that extreme peaks were mainly during the night. 

See for this: (unfortunately only in Dutch)

Should I wear the EMV Ornament over or under my clothing?

The EMV Ornament works both above and below you're clothing. Make sure you're clothing is not too tight, then the EMV can still rotate. Obviously, wearing the EMV above you're clothing is the best.

Can the EMV Ornament be worn in combination with other jewelry?

Yes, all models can be worn in combination with other jewelry. Make sure they don’t entangle. 

When does the EMV Ornament work for me?

It works as soon as you start wearing it! The noticeable effect on the human body of the EMV Ornament varies from individual to individual. Where some people notice effects within minutes, hours or days, others may take a few months (no longer than 13 weeks). For example, some people can get drunk by drinking just one glass of wine, while others feel nothing after drinking an entire bottle. This can be compared to the effects of the EMV Ornament, the results are the same for everyone only the way to it can be different. Most common remark people make when they start to wear the EMV, is that people feel more relaxed, dizziness fades and pains, headaches, prickling eyes diminishes and . . . . energy increases. 

At what moments does the EMV Ornament work best?

When you are tired or low on energy. Specially when driving a car , it works as a kind of grounding so that attention and focus is maintained. Or when you are working behind a computer screen the EMV Ornament balances you. Or when you get irritated eyes, have headaches or pains etc., wear the EMV Ornament and your symptoms will usually subside quickly or reduce. 

What is the function of the swivel mechanism?

The EMV attunes itself to the imbalance of the body and continuously corrects it. Notice how the turning mechanism works for you and automatically adjusts itself and thus always synchronizes and has a strengthening effect on body and mind. Stagnant fields can aggravate complaints. The turning mechanism prevents this and that is what the stabilizing and vitalizing effect is based on.

Are there things I should pay attention to regarding the EMV ornament? 

The EMV is firstly a therapeutic instrument and secondly a piece of art. For these reasons, we recommend NOT wearing the EMV when you have practical jobs or sport activities, be careful around steel objects because of its magnetic nature. Don’t let the EMV get wet or damp to avoid damage to the EMV and avoid contact with bank and credit cards. 

Why the EMV Ornament is the preparation for any healing pathway? 

Healthy cells need an alkaline oxygenated environment in a balanced electro-magnetic field. If the body cannot maintain a balanced field, then healing will have difficulty taking place. For this reason, no matter which healing path you choose, every human body with the current radiation levels and a reduced earth magnetic field, needs the Electro-Magnetic Vitalizer Ornament to keep your field balanced so that some healing can take place. Think of the 4 nourishments necessary for survival, we can go 60 days without food, 6 days without water, 6 minutes without air & 6 seconds without an electromagnetic signal.  The EMV supports a fuller electromagnetic signal and this is why every-body needs an EMV no matter the healing path people select. 


The EMV enhances the working of any therapy form, medications and or supplements. 

See for further information the EMV video. 

Why is this a private initiative?

We are men and women from all walks of life, from everywhere in the world and with various backgrounds who share similar values: we care about health and a sustainable future for mankind on this beautiful precious planet. Our many decades life experiences in the business world and the health care Industry have taught us first-hand that high human values do not match with the world of corporates and for this reason we choose to connect with you from man to man or woman to man or woman to woman; a platform of equality, based upon honour and respect of the Law of Mankind, responsibility, honesty and always seeking for constructive solutions.  The Self-Care Support Team man and woman are members of My Happy Femily and maybe you are one of our brothers and siSTARS. 

Which scientists  have worked with electromagnetism specifically?:

The science of electro magnetism is up until now mainly neglected and therefore it is hard to find any true information about it. For the man or woman who is interested in being alive and living to the fullest one can find enough evidence of the high importance of electro magnetism for all life on this planet. The moment this topic will be mainstream knowledge it might be the sign that humanity is evolving into a more desirable direction of evolution. 

For now we can mention some examples:

P.A.T.B.von Hohenheim better known as Paracelsus (1493-1541)

Dr.S.Hahnemann, discoverer homeopathy (1755-1843)

Prof.W.Heisenberg Nobel Prize winner in Physics 1932 

Nicolai Tesla (1856-1943)

More recently: Gary Null, ph.D., Doctor Albert Roy Davis and many more too many to mention. 

We invite you to do your research and discover. 

How Unique are the illustrations at the front and the silhouette at the rear side of the ornament?

The illustrations at the front side of the ornament  are limited editions and chosen for a wide group of people, the silhouettes on the back are specially selected and designed for this unique ornament.