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Why Bio-Atunement; remote frequency therapy?   

Everything is energy and resonates at a certain frequency. 

There are harmonic and dis-harmonic frequencies. 

If we are healthy and fit, we hardly ever notice this. The moment something troubles us, we are reminded that our health is essential. Usually we solve a small thing ourselves, but if the complaint is more serious then we look around for help. 

We invite you to consider Bio-Atunement remote frequency support to relief several of your health complains of you, your partner, your children, your animals or even for your company's personnel. 

What is a major factor to consider Bio-Atunement support

Because one phone call is enough to get support, to make instant use of it, wherever you are in the world. It is convenient when you are on holiday, during the weekend, at your work, in case of an incident or any acute situation especially for a child or an animal or when there is a lack of health care providers, or when there is a lock-down or . . . .

What is the power of Bio-Atunement?

Frequency therapy works when a corresponding frequency is emitted that corresponds to the complaint. 

In case of an acute situation, it is essential to let us know as soon and as detailed as possible what is going on. Especially in case of injuries, a lot of results can be achieved. Think of: reduction of pain, faster and more aesthetic recovery of the tissue and the whole is rounded off with a scar-tissue recovery frequency. This is a great advantage for injuries to the face, especially with young children.

We invite you to experience for yourself what the Bio-Atunement health care, possibly in combination with the double test-scan, can mean for you and your family. After all, prevention is better than cure. With the Self-Care Detox approach, being healthy and having more energy is possible and that is the reward we wish for everyone.

See in the following for some examples.

Outstanding cases can be reached with children, pets and animals, even animals in the size such as a horses, because with remote frequencies there are no limitations in terms of size, time, and transport of the animal for their treatment. One phone call is enough.


In order to be able to carry out the frequency therapy remotely, we need a piece of DNA from you in the form of a nail, see picture on the right. Only you may place the nail on the tape and close it. 

As soon as we have the nail(s) and have received the energy exchange, the Bio-Atunement remote health service starts. 

We strive to be able to start the support the same day. 

It goes without saying that emergencies have priority. 

What else can the Bio-Atunement do? 

It can help you eliminate pathogenic microbes such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Or support with breathing, stimulating blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, headaches, back pain, fatigue, depression, mood swings, burn-out, DNA repair, soothing all kinds of pains, allergy, wound and fracture healing, detox, including heavy metals and / or the effects of chemtrails, hemorrhoids, giving an energy boost, relaxation programs, etc. 

We have a data base of more than 55.000 programs at our disposal and new programmes and frequencies are added regularly.

When is success assured? 

It is about whether the complaint is the core problem. If you suffer from your back and it turns out to be your kidneys, then the wrong frequency has been 'sent' and it will not work. 

Hence the 3 ways of using the Bio-Atunement; 

‍    1.    In case of an emergency, the pre-paid rescue family package.

‍    2.    Relief of body ‘foreign’ substances or, 

‍    3.    A unique personal made-up program following the double test-scan to determine the core problem.


Either go back to the man or woman who introduced you to this service and he or she will know how to proceed. Or fill in your personal details on the form below and we will get back to you a.s.a.p., to see what the earliest possibilities are to schedule you for either the double test scan and / or Bio-Atunement. If you require  contact first, please let us know in the Comments box, A zoom contact / intake is also one of the options.

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